Michaels Custom 100 Krieg Cycling Bike bag

Michaels Custom 100 Krieg Cycling Bike bag

Regular price $750.00

-1 case Full Custom print ballistic bike bags.

-4-color printing on side panels for maximum coverage and style.

-These are some fo the nicest saddle bags on the market.

-Sturdy/Ballistic Nylon and Eva Foam


Every cyclist strives to break away from the pack. So why not start with your saddle bag? The Krieg Saddle Bag comes in a variety of stylish designs to fit your bike and your personality. Perfect for several hours of riding, this bag holds a tube, CO2 inflator, multi-tool, energy bar, keys, phone, cash, plus a few other small essentials. Tough and extremely durable construction is guaranteed to last a lifetime. Don't settle for anything less. Life is more fun in color.
  • Fun, fresh and stylish prints
  • Zippered pocket holds essential gear
  • Internal key leash
  • Tail light strap for safety
  • Velcro strap mounts for a secure fit
  • Heavy-duty nylon construction
  • Lifetime Guarantee